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Choices Are Forerunners

Have you ever asked yourself, "How did I end up here?" While we often believe that life simply happens to us, our choices have defined our steps to where we are today. Along the road of life, we are constantly faced with choices that will determine our future. Even the smallest choices have the power to affect the happenings of our lives, and each decision is a forerunner of the events that transpire at every junction of life’s journey.

Within Choices Are Forerunners: A Complete Guide to Making Better Choices, author Evelyn Ekhator reveals the truth behind how the choices we make in life impact us and those around us either positively or negatively--taking us either toward our fullest potential or down a path of difficulty. Discover how your everyday decisions can help you fulfill your specific calling so that you can become a vessel of purpose and a blessing to others.

Ekhator's wisdom will inspire you to create an effective awareness of how choices govern all aspects of life so you can avoid allowing yourself to be a victim of your choices and instead become a victor over your decisions. Learn about the capacity, power, and consequences of choices, as well as the determining factors that are involved in making choices.

Through Choices Are Forerunners, Ekhator will open your eyes to the fact that life is a "Maze of Choices," which you can learn to embrace as you use wisdom, dedication, and determination to make decisions that will lead you down a pathway of hope and victory.

Choices Are Forerunners will leave you with the encouraging truth that no matter where you presently are in life, your choices today can usher you into a wonderful future. Your next choice can change everything.

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Useful Quotes - Words of Wisdom

Of a truth, we will live by the choices we make individually and collectively. Unfortunately, the choices of others also directly and indirectly influence our lives; thus, to some degree, at one point or another, in life, we will also live by the choices of others.

There are no empty choices.

The best gift you can give to yourself is the gift of the choices you make every day.

Evelyn Ekhator
About the Author

Evelyn Ekhator

Evelyn Ekhator is an inspirational and motivational speaker, a mentor who is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential.

She believes parents play a significant role in healthy child development and parents' love is paramount in their child's life. Ekhator lives in the Netherlands with her family.

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